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7CX-2 trailer
Detailed description
The trailer is fit for transportation of various machinery and vehicles not suitable  long-distance travelling, such as vehicles, defective vehicles, engineering machinery,etc. Completely configure, it  runs steadily. the outlook is artistic, durable in use, working environment is widespread. The foldaway crawl ladder for the rear design will be advantageous for the loading .It can match with all kinds of vehicles ,such as automobiles, tractors and so on .

The form of damping: leaf spring
The form of traction: tripod stand traction(cusion spring)
Manual shaking lifter is the front part design.
The chosen brake is mechanical , handbrake , air brake, oil brake and electronic brake.
Surface treatment: derusting with large size shot blast machine, to change welding stress, antirusting paint, finishing paint, acid pickling, hot dipping.
The process of welding: carbon dioxide MIG welding.
The form of transportation: parts and components.
The loading capacity is 2-10tons , we can provide tyres according to the carrying capacity.
We can design and produce the vehicles of  each kind of specification according to the customer’s request